Viewed from the side, the stools form the letter “A” – hence its name. Made for Ishinomaki Lab, the original AA STOOL consists of a simple design utilizing only 26 x 90mm pieces of lumber. Two pieces combine to form a single stool, but can also be used individually in small spaces or for when guests arrive. By combining and separating the pieces to one’s liking, new uses can be discovered.

In a redesign that incorporates Karimoku’s technical skill, slimmer planks made from broadleaf timber are neatly assembled, creating a stool with unique texture. Additionally, new color variations were developed. These stools can be combined to create a place to set bags on in an office setting; when the number of people increases, the stools can be separated to be used as extra seating.

Material: Oak
Colour: Pure Oak, Grain Gray, Grain Matte Black, Lemon Yellow