Privacy Policy

Ishinomaki Laboratory by Karimoku (hereafter referred to as “ILBK”) pays close attention to the handling and storage of your personal information. Below we will explain our privacy policy, for example with regard to what kind of information is collected and how this information will be used. When you use our website, we assume you agreed to this privacy policy.

To use ILBK’s website, it is normally not necessary to disclose any personal information such as your name.
However, when you use ILBK website for inquiries, online questionnaires etc., we may ask you to provide the necessary personal information such as your name / address / telephone number / email address.

About change etc. of personal information

If you wish to change, confirm, correct or delete your own personal information registered with us, we will respond as requested.

Collection of other personal information

When you are using ILBK’s website, we will not collect personal information such as your email address, unless you are sending inquiries through our website. Your Internet browser will however automatically inform ILBK of certain information.

【About cookies】
ILBK’s website uses so-called “cookies”, similar to many other websites. Cookies
are small files which are sent by the website, stored on a user’s computer and hold a small amount of information. Generally, this information is used to improve site performance, enable site features, personalize content and increase convenience. In addition, we analyze information about your use of the site (access situation, traffic, routing etc.) and use it for improving its performance and improving the services offered to you through the website.
Cookies can record information about your computer, the date and time of your last visit to the site, the number of visits and so on. As a result we receive certain information, such as your browser type and – version, operating system and access source domain, but we are not able to identify your name, email address, phone number, address et cetera.

【About the access log】
When you visit this website, your access history (access log) will automatically remain on the web server. The access log stores the name of the Internet provider used by the customer, the type and version of the browser, the type of operating system, which pages were accessed and when, the time spent on the site et cetera.
This information may be used to statistically measure the usage of our website and to improve its contents.

When you disclose your personal information

Your personal information will be protected based on ILBK’s Privacy Policy. We will use the personal information provided by our visitors for purposes such as improving our services and contacting the customer. In some cases business partners who are carefully selected by ILBK may require your personal information. For example, we sometimes need to inform a transport company with the minimum information necessary to make the delivery we entrusted to it.
ILBK may be required to disclose your personal information upon a legal request. In that occasion, we will disclose your personal information only after we have determined that ILBK and your rights, safety et cetera will be protected.
In addition to the above cases, ILBK will inform you if there is a possibility that your personal information will pass to a third party. In that case, you may refuse that your information will be shared.

Protection of customer personal information

【About the use of SSL (encrypted communication)】
ILBK’s website uses encrypted communication via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to safely protect your personal information. By using a browser compliant with SSL, your personal information is automatically encrypted and sent.
However, if you are using a browser that does not support SSL, please be aware that you may not be able to access certain pages or enter information.

ILBK pays the highest attention to the handling and storage of personal information provided by our customers. This is strictly enforced by all the staff involved with ILBK.

ILBK will not collect or request more than the necessary personal information from minors.

ILBK’s website provides links to other sites, but ILBK is not responsible for protecting personal information on those websites. Please use these sites under your own responsibility.

ILBK’s “Privacy Policy” will be updated on a timely basis. Please be sure to check this policy regularly.

Revised 8 August 2019

【About inquiries】
For questions about our handling of personal information, please contact us via email at: