Ishinomaki Laboratory by Karimoku makes use of a range of lumber and wood products, such as residual output from Karimoku’s production facilities, various hardwoods that are underutilized after commercial needs are met, and wood marked with insect-eaten holes or marks from birds such as woodpeckers. In other words, the brand proactively makes use of wood that otherwise would be considered unsuitable in furniture making.

By treating each type of material with genuine thought and sparing no effort in their unique handling and care, a certain individuality is revealed in the products, such that each can be called a work of art by nature. This emphasis results in not only the production of long-loved, high-quality pieces of priceless value, but adds new value to disregarded and low-grade materials. Through stimulating forestry’s economic cycle and rebuilding the symbiotic relationship between people and forests, we strive to realize a sustainable, flourishing society.